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Welcome aboard! My name is Jason Stewart. Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, I am the owner/operator of Virutec Computer Repair Service. I have extensive experience in computer repair, graphic art and design, and small electronic repair. 

My initial training was completed through The Navy. Throughout my career the Navy invested $292,000 into my training and continual education. Upon discharge I acquired my advanced degree in Informational Technology and Graphic Art and Design from Keiser University. I also acquired an advanced degree in Electrical Repair from Fortis University. 

As a retired vet from the good ‘ol United States Navy I have committed my life to help people with all their technology needs. I enjoy what I do. “If you love your job, you’ll never work another day in your life.” This company is about bringing the highest level of excellence in costumer service while bringing you the best prices on all computer repairs. My focus is on you, the costumer, and doing what I can to meet your technology need.   

My commitment to you is to give you the friendliest service, the most competitive prices, and the honesty and integrity that I will absolutely deliver what I promise. 


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EJ Snyder (Discovery Channel)

Steven Lee Hall Jr. (Discovery Channel)

Apple Computer Repairs Virutec Computer Repair
“THIS GUY! totally awesome, my screen was cracked, and after calling places,like ifix and others that advertise fixing laptops, just to tell you they really don’t. I found him through thumbtack. I would highly recommend. My computer returned like brand new! Thanks Jason!”
– Nicole G.
“Jason is the real deal! I couldn’t understand why anybody would want to go anywhere else. He is fast reliable and honest. ”
– Xavier L.
“Excellent service on my Mac desktop. Its running so much faster! No more waiting ages for programs to open or web pages to load! Quick turn-around time, honest price, and great communication. A+ Thank you!”
– Kelly T.
“He exceeded my expectations in terms of price and fixed my laptop in less than a week. 5/5 definitely recommend!!! Thanks Virutec! ”
– Ashley B.
“Jason did what he could to keep my laptop working. Did everything in a great amount of time for a great price. Highly recommend him.”
– Craig S.
“Jason is a great and very accommodating person, I was having a serious and bothering problem with my laptop and a printer also, he showed up on a timely manner and was able to fix both things, reasonable pricing, highly recommend Virutec / Jason for any computer problem. ”
– SerQPro FL.
“Great place . He fixed my old laptop and got it running new again for a fantastic price! Highly recommend!!”
– Al L.
“Jason is great, honest, and knows his stuff. My tower was not working at all. He said it could be a power source pcs.(reasonable repair) or the mother board (very expensive). He called that same afternoon & I only needed the power source. It was installed & repaired at a very reasonable price. Jason is my computer guy for sure!!!”
– Ellen B.


Apple Computer Repairs

Virutec Computer Repair offers repair services for all Apple Mac products. If you have an Imac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro Desktop, Mac Mini, or a Macbook Air then you have come to the right place.

Our Apple experts at Virutec are equipped to handle all your needs. We are able to complete upgrades (SSD Drives, Memory, CPU), Data Recovery, Software Issues, Screen Repairs, Motherboard Repairs, Graphic Card Repairs, Power Supply Problems, and so much more on all Mac computers

With over 20 years experience, we can have your Apple Computer back up and running in no time at all. 

Remember to ask us about our 32 point Mac hardware inspection. We also offer Adware Detection and Removal. Most repairs have a 24 hour turnaround. 

Windows Computer Repairs

Virutec Computer Repair offers repair services for all Windows based products. Windows based products include Laptops, Desktops, Custom Built Computers, and even Tablets.  

Our windows  repair experts at Virutec are equipped to handle upgrades (SSD Drives, Memory, CPU) and repairs. We also specialize in Data Recovery, Software Issues, Screen Repairs, Motherboard Repairs, Graphic Card Repairs, and Power Supplies, and do much more on all Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10 computers

With thousands of repairs under our gig line, Virutec Computer Repair has the knowledge to get your Windows Computer back up and running quickly, and running better than ever before.

Remember to ask us about our 32 point hardware inspection. We also offer Virus detection and removal. 

Custom Built Computers

Virutec Computer Repair offers Custom Built Computers. Whether you are looking for a powerhouse computer for work or a state of the art gaming computer we can build it. Our commitment is to use top of the line brands and equipment to build the computer of your dreams.

One of our highly trained techs will sit with you to discuss every tiny detail and part for the computer of your dreams. As part of our building process we strive to listen to your needs, help you understand the process, and commit ourselves to keep the cost within your budget. There are no hidden fees or costs that you need to worry about. 

With hundreds of personal builds under our scuttlebutt’s, it’s easy to see why Virutec Computer Repair should build your next machine. The average turn around time is normally only 3-4 days.


We quote you the price before any computer repairs are done so that there are no surprises.

Our prices are guaranteed to be lower than any licensed computer repair in Port St Lucie.

We have the reviews, awards, and the experience to back up our #1 Rating.

In-Shop Computer Repairs Start At $35/Hr Flat Rate $20 Minimum

Service Calls 8 Mile Radius Of Our Shop $85 For 1Hr

Reinstall Windows or Mac OS $100 Flat Fee 

$0 Bench Fees

$50 Diagnosis / Free With Repairs

Personalized Training $50/Hr or $15 Per Person For Groups

Data Recovery Services $100-$200 for Mac and Windows

32 Point Hardware Testing $50 

Motherboard Repairs Starting at $185 with one-week turn around

What is flat rate quoting and how does it benefit me? Every repair on a computer or laptop has been done many times, we take the average time, quoted by Amazon, for the repair. An Example would be replacing a hard drive in an Imac, If it takes 2 hours or 4 hours the price is already set. This means no surprises and lower repair bills.

PC and Mac repairs include Diagnostics, Virus Removal, Upgrades, Screen Replacements, Operating System Repairs, Data Transfers, Internet Troubleshooting, Hard Drive Replacements, Software Repairs, Setting up a New PC or Mac (On-site), and Data Recovery.



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Virutec Computer Repair’s Most Affordable and Reliable Desktop Pick September 2018 


How much did you pay for your computer? What’s the value of the information on your PC or Mac? Pictures are priceless, data such as medical records or QuickBooks files are hard to replace. It’s probably well over a thousand dollars. That’s an expensive investment, which is reason number one you should want to maintain the machine properly. In the same way that you must tune up your car by changing the oil, checking the tire pressure, you must tune up a computer.

If you learn how and why it’s important to maintain your computer, you can implement an efficient plan for making sure it happens regularly. Here at Virutec Computer Repair we recommend every 6 months to yearly.

This article is for people who don’t know what it means to do a “tune up”. Out of the box, a new computer, whether it’s running Windows or Mac, usually seems downright sprightly. After several months or a year, most people notice a drop-off in performance. And after 18 months to two years, the machine you once adored is usually subject to cursing, fist-shaking, and perhaps occasional weeping, as you watch it fail to load any program or Web page this century. Your once blazing fast computer has turned into a sluggish and lumbering oaf.

Sometimes these problems are caused by bad Internet connections or very outdated hardware, but very often, the root problem isn’t one thing alone. It’s a lot of little things that have built up, like duplicate files, unneeded downloads, and the remnants of programs that never uninstalled properly. Tuning up a computer cleans out all this garbage and tidies up a few other areas that help the machine run smoother and more reliably.

Most tune ups do the following (don’t sweat it if you don’t know what all these things mean):

defragment the disk, repair the system registry, delete unnecessary files and duplicate files, uninstall and remove programs that did not properly uninstall previously, check for driver updates, and

remove data that you don’t need related to your Internet browsers.

Jason at Virutec notes that keeping sufficient space free on a hard drive is likely more conducive to computer speed and efficiency than defragging. While the next Get Organized column will discuss this point in more detail, the gist of it is that keeping at least 50 percent of your hard drive free is a good idea. Jason Stewart also recommends a Solid State Drive over a Mechanical Hard Drive for up to 10X more speed. He also recommends at least 8GB of Memory.

What Do You Get Out of a PC Tune-Up? As mentioned, tuning up your PC usually makes it peppy (faster) and helps it run efficiently. Regular maintenance of this type can also extend the life of the computer in that people will sometimes dump an old machine and replace it with a new one because the older machine seems unresponsive. Just like with cars and other complex machinery, if you don’t perform the basic upkeep, it wears down quicker. Before buying a new machine for $1000 or more, why not talk to Virutec Computer Repair for a free consultation about your old machine.

In many ways, tuning up a PC keeps it internally organized. Essential data are filed away appropriately. Junk gets tossed. And parts of the system that were starting to get messy or torn apart (fragmented) are patched back together again.

Advanced computer users sometimes prefer to do their own tune-ups, but beginner and intermediate users shouldn’t mess around and try to do it manually. Instead, call Virutec and spend as little as $50 to have it done professionally. The most important part of a Tune-up is the physical portion, cleaning of the fans, heatsink, and case. You can look at the picture to see what a poorly kept PC looks like. If the average user tries to do this themselves you can expect the risk of electrical shock, loosen connections, damage to electrical components. Trust me, if you try to do this yourself you might end up buying a new computer after all.

Whether you’re an advanced user that needs help with a hardware test, or a new user that needs help or advise, you can always call us at Virutec Computer Repair. 772-834-0007


Computer Repair: Computer Repair Quotes – Virutec Computer Repair of Port St Lucie services Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie, Tradition, Palm City, and Stuart. Virutec Computer Repair Services all Apple Mac Computers; Imac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro Tower Computers. Virutec Computer Repair has been rated #1 by Google and Thumbtack for the last three years for computer repairs. If you are looking for Mac Repairs, Windows Repairs, or to have a great Custom Built Computer made, look no further than Virutec Computer Repair. You will get 5 Star, fast turnaround, and friendly service for less. Call today at 772-834-0007