Custom built PC

Why would anyone ever want to have a custom built PC? Because when you buy a named brand computer you are paying for the name, the parts that are used on big names are cheap and don’t last. With a custom built PC you can specifically chose every single part used in the build, and you get a lot more for your money. The average custom built computer will set you back a minimum of $800.

Lets go over a few choices you get to make when building a custom computer.

  1. Computer Case – With more than 500 to choose from, you can pick the case that suits your style and budget. Cases range from $60-$300
  2. Power Supply – This is the heart of the beast, when choosing a power supply you need to calculate how many watts the parts that your going to include will need. I always recommend going a few hundred higher to allow for future expansion. Power Supplies range from 300 Watt ($30) –  1200 Watt ($120)
  3. Cooling Fans – These are more cosmetic than anything, they come with built in LED lighting. You pick the color that you want and that’s about it, I do recommend at least 4 Chassis Fans.
  4. Computer Processor – This is one of the most important and expensive parts to your new PC. Do you want to go with AMD or Intel? AMD FX or Ryzen? Intel I3, I5, I7? Intels are faster and work well with Nvidia Gforce Graphics cards, AMD are cheaper and work well with AMD Radeon Graphic cards.
  5.  Graphics Card – After you choose the CPU we need to choose the Graphics card or GPU. As I mentioned earlier you can choose Nvidia GTX 1050, 1060, 1070, or 1080. The higher the number the more expensive and the more it can handle, like Virtual Gaming or 4k gaming. If you chose an AMD Processor you can save even more money by going with an AMD Radeon RX 460, 470, or 480 GPU. These cards are much cheaper than the Nvidia’s and good for entry level gaming pc’s.
  6. Mother Board – Now that you have chosen your CPU, and GPU it’s time to shop for a motherboard. You need to buy a specific motherboard to fit your CPU, an example would be an AM3+ Socket for AMD Fx CPU’s or Intel LGA 1151 Socket for I3, I5, I7’s. You will also need to keep in mind that therew is different memory for different Motherboards. DDr3 or DDR4, and different Frequencies or speed measured in Hertz. examples are 1800Mhz, 3200Mhz, or 4200Mhz. The higher the Hz the faster the memory and the more expensive the memory or (RAM) will be. You need to make sure the Motherboard or (MOBO) will support the RAM and that it’s the correct socket.
  7. System Memory – As I mentioned before you need to choose memory that will fit on your MOBO, and there are usually 4 sockets. Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy all 4 at one time, but you should eventually have 4 in the computer to enable Dual Channel Memory speeds. I recommend buying 2- 8GB Sticks and 2- 8GB sticks later that will give you 32GB total. Or just buy 32GB up from but keep in mind that could run you close to $400.
  8. Hard Drives – Believe it or not the hard drives can make or break your new system, you could try and save $40 by going with a 5400Rpm Mechanical hard drive, but you will be very disappointing. I see this all the time. There are a few options available here, you definitely want to go with a solid state drive (SSD) for your operating system 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, or 960GB and have a secondary drive for your data, I recommend a 1TB WD 7200Rpm hard drive. anything bigger that 1TB will start to chatter and drive you nuts with the excessive noise. And you don’t normally want to go with a 120GB because it will fill up fast, considering that most of the newr games are almost 60GB each and the Operating system is about 30GB, So thats one game with windows 10. Not very practical. 
  9. Operating system – Windows 7, 8.1, or 10? Home or Pro? I recommend windows 10 Pro with a program called startisback. Windows 10 is more up to date and supports direct x 12 as well as streaming from your x-box one.
  10. CD/DVD Drive – This is something you will install and use once unless your into burning CD’s or DVD’s. But that was so 90’s. I recommend a cheap 24 speed LG CD burner to install your operating system and your drivers. Or save $20 and just use an USB drive. 

Well i think thats about it, I hope I didn’t miss anything. You can see why it would be a good idea to sit down with someone like me to help you choose your parts. Virutec computer repair offers free consultation for new builds.

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